Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Sandwich

Championship Chicken Sandwich
Disney's Boardwalk Inn
Orlando, FL

So if I just tell you what is in this sandwich, you will definitely think it is very boring.  But trust me I have dreams about this it was so good!  It is a grilled piece of chicken breast on rosemary focaccia with sun-dried tomato pesto, goat cheese, and arugula.  The chicken breast has some kind of herbs on it like time and rosemary and it perfectly grilled.  I can't even begin to tell you how juicy it was.  It was juicier than any piece of fried chicken I have ever had, yet it was grilled! It was perfectly tender and delicious.  The bread really made this sandwich special because it was lightly toasted and still soft in the middle.  It had the perfect balance of filling to bread and the rosemary wasn't overpowering in the focaccia.  The sun-dried tomato pesto was slathered all over the bread and added a creamy texture that was amazing against the crispness of the bread.  It also added another layer of flavor the the chicken breast.  The arugula was also perfect because it was crispy and peppery, while also lightening up this sandwich.  My favorite part was the smear of goat cheese on top of the chicken.  It was perfectly tangy and creamy and was my favorite part of this sandwich.  You have a choice between cucumber salad and french fries (I obviously got the fries).  I ordered mine extra crispy and they were some of the best fries I ever tasted.  Tender inside, hot, salty, and crispy on the outside.
I know this sandwich's ingredients sounds boring, but trust me you will never taste anything like it!

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