Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Meat

Braised Lamb Shank with Potato Gateau
The Wave
Disney's Contemporary Resort
Orlando, FL

If you are in Disney World and are looking for a more upscale restaurant without being too fancy, this is definitely the way to go! Everything that is cooked is completely fresh and homemade.  There is hardly any deep frying and definitely no microwaving in this restaurant.  All ingredients are seasonal and some even come from Disney World's own gardens.  Because of this the menu always changes, but it is always fantastic.

Let me get down to the meat though.  When I saw this lamb shank come to my table I felt like a caveman!  It is enormous, I think it may be 14 ounces.  The waiter said it was slow cooked for 9 hours and you can absolutely tell.  I didn't need a knife at all, only a fork to pull away the tender meat from the bone.  The sauce is absolutely delicious because it tastes like its been cooking in meet juices for days! Then the side dish of the potato gateau is one of the best thing I ever ate.  It is tender potatoes mixed with a cream cheese sauce using tangy goat cheese and baked until crispy.  The tanginess of the goat cheese really cuts through the big meaty flavor of the lamb.  If you are in Disney, definitely try this restaurant!!!

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