Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Appetizer

Sticky Wings
Kona Cafe
Disney's Polynesian Resort
Orlando, FL

These wings are some of the best wings I ever ate.  They come out 12 wings to an order and look absolutely gorgeous.  The barbecue sauce is glistening with a few sesame seeds on top for additional crunch.  You bite into the wing and the chicken meat is juicy, moist, plump and delicious.  It's just crazy good.  Of course its sticky, but who cares cause they are just so good.  On top of the juicy meat, the outside is perfectly crispy and topped with a delicious sauce.  The sauce on top is a combination of sweet and spicy because this is in a Hawaiian themed restaurant.  The heat isn't too strong, it just sort surprises you after you think these are just sweet honey barbecue wings.  These really are the best wings I ever ate!

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